TopKat® (TOxicity Prediction by Komputer Assisted Technology) is a BIOVIA software, a brand of Dassault Systèmes.

This life science application supports in silico target characterization and lead optimization using a wealth of trusted life science modeling and simulation methods.

All TopKat® models have been published as QSAR Model Report Format (QMRF) reports on the European Commission Joint Research Center (JRC).

TopKat® allows us to extend the portfolio of endpoints available for our customers furtherly, especially the endpoints that can be rarely (or not at all) found elsewhere e.g. Rat Inhalation Toxicity LC50.

Other examples are:

  • Rat Maximum Tolerated Dose
  • Rat Chronic LOAEL
  • Weight of Evidence Rodent Carcinogenicity
  • Carcinogenic potency TD50

Furthermore, we can increase the robustness of the predictions obtained by the various tools: the use of multiple tools with different characteristics and compliant with OECD principles is of paramount importance indeed, especially in the regulatory frameworks, to obtain scientifically robust results.