• SETAC 2018
    • Deriving USEtox ® human non-cancer toxicity Effect Factors from the REACH database for thousands of chemicals using R-Studio program Fabrizio Biganzoli, Lidia Ceriani, Mojca Fuart Gatnik, Andrea Gissi, Panagiotis Karamertzanis, Manuela Pavan, Jeroen Provoost, Erwan Saouter DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.10621.67049

(Q)SAR 2018

  • EUROTOX 2018
    • ToxGPS, a solution guiding read-across workflow based on chemoinformatics and safety assessment. C. Yang , B. Bienfait, M.T.D. Cronin, E. Fioravanzo, M. Gatnik, T. Kleinoeder, J. Park, J. Liu , T. Magdziarz, J. Marusczyk, A. Mostrag, M. Mulcahy, J.F. Rathman, O. Sacher, C. Schwab, A. Tarkhov.
  • SOT 2018
    • Evaluation of the applicability of existing (Q)SAR models for predicting the genotoxicity of pesticides. E. Fioravanzo, C. L. Battistelli, A. Bassan, R. Benigni, C. Bossa, A. Ciacci, M. Fuart Gatnik, R. Serafimova, O. Tcheremenskaia
    • A Case Study to Establish a Standardized Read-across Process for Pesticide Active Substances and their Metabolites for Assessment of Genotoxicity. Chihae Yang, James F. Rathman, Aleksandra Mostrag, Elena Fioravanzo,  Arianna Bassan4, Mojca Fuart Gatnik

BTS 2018

  • SOT 2017
    • Read-across for a high-tier endpoint: a case study for reproductive toxicity.
  • BTS 2017
    • The role of the analysis of metabolites to support similarity assessment in a high-tier endpoint read-across addressing reproductive toxicity.
  • EUROTOX 2017
    • Development of a Curated Database of Repeated Dose Toxicity.
    • Toward establishing a standardized process and tool within the read-across workflow: a case study of agrochemicals for reproductive toxicity.
  • SOT 2016
    • ChemTunes Studio For The Regulatory Assessment Of Potential Genotoxic Impurities Of Pharmaceuticals Under The ICH M7 Framework.
  • EuroTOX 2016
    • In silico screening for early hazard assessment: a case study on organic aerosol compounds.
    • Risk assessment and control of potentially genotoxic impurities: implementation of a fully integrated approach.
    • COSMOS DB: a free database for sharing chemical and toxicological data, building knowledge and supporting in silico modelling.
  • Euro(Q)SAR 2016
    • Is an impurity potentially genotoxic? Case studies using an in silico assessment.
  • EuroTOX 2015
    • Application of threshold of toxicological concern to biocides Mojca Fuart Gatnik, M.T.D. Cronin Judith C Madden A Worth Toxicology Letters 238(2):S361. DOI: 10.1016/j.toxlet.2015.08.1030